How did your event end up on AllEvents?

AllEvents encourages people to live, not just exist. And since we are a devoted event discovery platform with over 20M+ users, we ensure to go the extra mile to give people the best choices that can offer them the best experiences.

We just want people to never miss out on #happening events. Chances are, that we found your event to be one of those, and got excited to share it with our event explorers. 

Not a bad thing, unless the event was intended to be private. 

Nevertheless, we also understand your concern. So, if you do want your event page removed from our platform, share the event’s URL link with us along with your reason for removal. To proceed, click here.

You could also choose to easily claim your public event. To know how, click here.

Should you require additional assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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