How to create a free ticket?

There are events that you, as organizers, offer people to attend for free. However, you would still prefer to manage your event audience better by collecting data and registering them as attendees. There are advantages of enabling ticketing for your event:

  • You can understand your audience better before the event and tailor your event accordingly.
  • You can keep records of your attendees and invite them for your next event.

Here is how you can set up a free ticket while creating an event.

Under the Tickets section, click on Free. In the New Ticket Details box, modify the details as you like, and click on Save.

Note: AllEvents does not charge any commission on Free tickets.

You can also create a free ticket type to your existing event.

Follow the steps to create a new ticket type, and in the New Ticket Details box, set the Ticket Price to 0. Once you are done modying other details as you like, click on Save.

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