How to create a free ticket

Many times, you as an organizer of the event, do not wish to charge the attendee for attending your event. However, you would still prefer if you can manage your event audience better by collecting data and registering them as the attendee.

As you might already be aware, there are lots of advantages of enabling ticketing on your event.

  • You can understand your audience better before the event and tailor your event accordingly.
  • You can keep records of your attendee and invite them next time you host your another event.
  • If you had collected their information using our custom forms, you can make your event an amazing experience for your attendee.
    To activate this custom form you need to have ticketing enabled. To learn how you can add custom for to any ticket type, click here.
  • and many more.

But as we talked earlier, you do not wish to charge your attendee for attending your event.

Not to worry, you can also create a "FREE" ticket.
Oh, and by the way, AllEvent does not charge any commission on Free tickets.

Here is how you can set up a free ticket while creating a new ticket type.
To learn how you can create a ticket type, click here.

Under New ticket, Enter 0 in Ticket Price.

Configure the ticket type as per your other requirements and click on Save.

That's it! 😄 You have created a FREE ticket.