How to create recurring events?

Effortlessly manage events that occur consistently, whether they are daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, by creating customized calendar event that perfectly suits your scheduling needs.

How to create a recurring event?

  1. When you begin to create the event, you will find two options under Event Type. Select Recurring Event.

  1. Continue to fill in the details required for the event and Save the details.

It is mandatory to setup ticketing before creating the calendar event.

  1. Then, click on Add Dates below Schedule for your Event and add the start and end dates of your recurring event.

With the Pattern of Occurrence feature, you can create recurring events for

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly on a particular Weekday
  • Monthly on a particular Date

  1. Select the dates and days for your recurring event and click on Confirm.

How to edit or delete recurring event slots?

Once you create a recurring event, you can smoothly manage ticket types for each slot and delete or create new slots.

Editing ticket types across all slots

To add a ticket type to all the slots of your recurring event, go to Event Dashboard, click on Edit Event, and scroll down to the Tickets section.

Click on 'Manage Tickets' to add new ticket types and edit the existing ticket types across all slots.

Editing or deleting specific ticket slots

Go to your Event Dashboard and scroll down to find the Schedule for your Event calendar.

You will see all the respective slots on the calendar. Click on the slot that you want to edit or delete.

Click on Edit Tickets if you intend to make any changes to the respective ticket types of the slot, and click on Delete Tickets if you intend to delete a particular slot.

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