How to use the QR code scanner on the mobile application?

The dedicated Event Manager App is designed specifically to streamline the organization of your event. To further expedite the process, the application includes a QR code scanner that efficiently validates e-tickets issued to event attendees.

Tip: You have the option to add users to your event who can specifically take charge of managing attendee check-ins for you using our Event Manager App. To learn how, click here.

Using QR Code Scanner for Single Registration

  1. Open the AllEvents Event Manager App. Tap the blue icon at the bottom-right corner to open the QR code scanner and scan the attendee's ticket.

  1. Verify the details and tap on Check In. The ticket will be marked as checked-in.

Using QR Code Scanner for Multiple Registrations

If there are multiple paid tickets bought under the same transaction ID, you can easily manage group check-ins by tapping on Check in All. Here's how:

  1. When you scan the QR code, you will find all the tickets bought under that transaction ID. To check them all in at once, tap on Check in All at the left bottom corner of the screen.

  1. You will be notified that the tickets were checked-in.

    However, if an attendee from the group registration doesn't show up for any reason, you can undo check in for a specific ticket.

  1. On the next pop-up box, as soon as you tap on Yes, the ticket will be checked-out.

  1. You will be notified that the ticket was checked-out.

You can also handle your check-ins conveniently through the Chrome browser.

Enabling Offline Scanner

For areas with low network or internet issues, we have also designed a feature for your smooth check-ins. Here's how you can make use of the Enable Offline Scanner feature:

  1. Navigate to the event you want to enable offline scanner for and tap on the More option.

  1. From the More Options box, tap on Enable Offline Scanner.

  1. Now, as soon as you tap on Yes, all the data of the sold tickets will be downloaded to your device.

  1. You will find the downloaded icon at the top-right corner of your event.

    You can choose to remove an event from offline scanning. For that, tap on the downloaded icon.

  1. In the next pop-up box, as soon as you tap on Yes, you will no longer be able to handle offline scanning for this event.

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