How to download attendee registration data?

Go to the profile dropdown on the top right of the website → My EventsEvent DashboardRegistrationsTicketsDownload Data

  1. Go to the profile dropdown on the top right of the website and open the My Events page.

  1. Make sure you choose the right Organizer Page, find the relevant event, and click on Dashboard.

  1. Click on Registrations on the left menu table under Manage Event

  1. Navigate to the Tickets tab and click on Download Data.

  1. In the next pop-up, the Ticket Types dropdown allows you to either select any specific ticket type or choose to download data of all of them.

The Customize Fields dropdown gives you the following options:

  • Default
  • Guest List
  • Email List

Each option offers some default selected fields. You can customize, i.e., add or delete fields before proceeding to download the data.

  1. Click on the Download dropdown. You can choose to download the required data by either using the Excel format, the CSV format, or Google Sheets.

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