FAQs for Event Organizers

We understand that managing events comes with challenges, and we are here to lend a helping hand.

To assist you, we have compiled solutions and guides to address common queries you might encounter while using AllEvents. Let's navigate through your concerns together and make this journey seamless.

Getting started with AllEvents

Know the basics of what AllEvents is and how it works -

About AllEvents

Create an event on AllEvents

How did your event end up on AllEvents?

Commission charged by AllEvents

Platform fee for events in India

Managing your event

From editing details of your event to making it a recurring affair, here is everything you need to know to administer your event better -

Edit an event

Use AI to create an event description

Create recurring events

Create a private event

Duplicate an event

Get seating layout

Add photos to your event

Send email invites using email credits

Share your event page

Claim an event as yours

Delete an event

Reschedule/cancel/mark your event as sold out

Tips to make your event stand out more

Add joining instructions for virtual events

Import your existing contacts to your Organizer Page as followers

All about ticketing

Whether you want to edit a ticket type, display the availability of tickets, or delete them, we have got it all covered for you. Learn how -

Customize ticket registration form

Setup ticketing while creating an event

Edit a ticket type

Create a free ticket

Create a donation type ticket

Issue tickets

Mark a ticket as paid

Mark a ticket as sold out

Resend tickets

Display available number of tickets

Delete a ticket type

Ticketing dashboard for an event

Use ticketing intergration service for free

Getting started with Facebook Pixel

Promoting your event

Learn how AllEvents can help you market your event easily -

Promote your event

Check current promotion status

Create affiliate links

Dynamic marketing

Receiving payments

Here is your guide to understanding how you can collect payments for the tickets sold through AllEvents -

Add bank account details

Add a billing profile

Collect payments for an event using PayPal

Add charges to be paid by attendees

Link a bank account and a billing profile to event

Collect online payments using PayPal and Stripe

Collect payments for an event using Stripe

Currencies supported for online payments

Cancel and refund a ticket

Account & notifications

To get the hang of managing your account and its settings, read on -

Edit and manage your organizer page

Modify notification settings

Unsubscribe from emails that are received by AllEvents

Use various plugins


Presenting our latest event dashboard for effortless event

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