FAQs for Event Attendees

Welcome to AllEvents, your go-to destination to discover events and experiences.

In our efforts to ensure you have a seamless event discovery experience, we have crafted this article to offer support and answers to the queries you might encounter while using AllEvents.

About AllEvents

Learn what AllEvents does and how it can help you discover happening experiences -

About AllEvents

Event inquiries

For all your event-relates queries, here is how you can contact the event organizer -

Contact the event organizer

Report an issue about an event

Booking inquiries

Whether you want to apply discount codes when booking tickets or request a cancellation, we have got it all covered for you. Read on -

Apply discount code for booking

Request a refund or cancellation

Download tickets

Share an event

Account & notifications

Learn how to modify your account settings better -

Modify your city subscription

Modify notification settings

Unsubscribe from emails that are received from AllEvents

Update preferred category for events

Delete your account on AllEvents

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