Tips to make your event stand out more

Before or after creating an event you might be wondering how you can make your event stand out more so that it attracts more visitor and in turn, it increases the number of attendees.

Our team surveyed popular events listed on our platform and came up with a fantastic checklist that can help anyone's event stand out more.

Most of the impact is due to an Event Name and Event Description.

Event name

Crisp, Clear & Catchy.

Always keep the 3Cs in mind while deciding your Event name.

  1. Crisp:
    Try to keep your event name around 8-10 words if possible.
    Avoid adding venue, date or time in the event name field.
    Add artist/performer names only if necessary.
    Add the city name in case of a multi-city event or tour.
  2. Clear:
    Try being a little more explicit by accurately specifying the ‘type of’ event that you’re organizing, e.g., Pencil Art Workshop, or Water Color Art Workshop.
  3. Catchy:
    Go an extra step and augment your event name with a catchy phrase or word.E.g., Shades - A Pencil Art Workshop, Splash - A watercolor Art Workshop
  4. SEO Friendly Event Names:
    To increase your ranking in the search engine, include words or phrases in your event that your potential attendees might be searching while looking for your kind of events. E.g., Pencil Art Workshop For Kids

Event Description

The informative event description on your page could help someone make that final ticket purchase decision.

    Here is a list of most basic information that we recommend you to have on your event page description:

  • What is the event all about and who should attend it?
  • Unique highlights of your event such as a celebrity appearance, goodies, free food & drinks or any other information that you feel might attract more audience.
  • To increase the credibility of your event, include a short introduction about the attending artists/ speakers/ performers.
  • Agenda, itinerary or timeline breakdown of your event.
  • Particular points that attendee should take note of, such as age restrictions, entry time limitations, required documents, wheelchair accessibility, etc.
  • Terms & conditions/cancellation or refund policies if any.
  • Traveling guide for attendee such as how to reach the venue, parking facilities, etc.
  • We also encourage organizers to use the formatting tools to present their event description in a clear format.
  • SEO Friendly Event Description 
    While writing the event description, try to include phrases and keywords that people might search for while looking for events such as yours.

Even after doing all this, if you feel you need to give the event more exposure, our Event Promotion might interest you. Check it out here.

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