How to setup ticketing while creating event

You can enable ticketing for your event while you are creating the event itself.

To know more about creating an event, click here.

If you are setting up an event for Indian Rupees (INR), you should keep these two things ready.

Bank account details. To learn how to add bank account details click here.
Billing profile. To learn how to create a billing profile click here.

While you are creating your event, on the additional details page, click on Manage Ticketing.

Configure a ticket type

You will see a list of all created ticket types for that particular event. To add a new ticket type click on Add Ticket.

In the new form fill the ticket type details, you can configure more options about ticket type by clicking on More Options. And after filling in the details click on Save.

You will be asked to enter a mobile number. An OTP will be sent to that mobile number.

If your currency is not supported by either PayPal or Stripe, your tickets will be set for "pay at venue" mode automatically, you can mark the attendee ticket as paid manually. To learn how, click here.

If you wish to collect payment offline as in, at the event venue, you can just click on Finish. You can use our organizer app to mark a ticket as paid. To learn more click here.

Enable online payment for INR events through

If you want to collect the ticket amount online, click on  next and tick the checkbox to enable online payment.

Now, If the event ticket price is set for INR currency, you will be asked to add a Bank account and a Billing profile.

By clicking on next, you will be asked how you want to distribute the Platform fee that collects.

By default, the User will be charged 3% of the ticket amount as a Platform fee. To absorb this cost just drag the slider as per your requirement.

User will be Charged INR 10 from Ticket Buyers as a Convenience Fee.

Enable online payment for Non-INR events through

For Non-INR events, you can use Stripe or PayPal to easily transfer the sold tickets amount to the respective account.

To activate online payment, in Accept Payment Online section, click on either Connect with Stripe or Connect with PayPal.

To learn more on how to add Stripe payments to your event, click here.
To learn more on how to add PayPal payments to your event, click here.

By default, the buyer will need to provide their name, an email id, and a contact number. You can ask for additional questions i.e., T-shirt size, gender, age, etc for better management of your event. In other words, you can customize the registration form. To learn more click here.