How to edit and manage your organizer page?

Organizer pages are a good starting point for event organizers to showcase their business and activities to event-seekers around the world.

How do I open my organizer page?

In your profile dropdown from the top-right, you can see the list of all organizer pages created under the same AllEvents account.

How do I edit my organizer page?

To edit your organizer page, open the concerned page.
On Right side panel, there is an option for managing the organizer page. Click on Edit Profile.

In the pop-up box, you can edit details displayed in the Organizer page.

To save changes, scroll down and click on Save Changes at the end of pop-up box.

How do I use the organizer plugin?

Using organizer plugin is the easiest way to show off your AllEvents organizer profile on your website, blog, etc. What's more, is that you can actually show organizer page of any organizer of AllEvents on your website. And it's free, of course!😁

Open your organizer page.
On the right-side panel click on ' Manage Page ', click on '  Display events on your website '

You will be taken to our plugin page.

Scroll down & You can also see the preview of how the Plugin would look.
You will be shown the code to the plugin. Now you just copy-paste that code into your website where you wish this plugin to appear.👍
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