How to create discount codes

Go to the profile dropdown on the top right of the website→ My Events → Event Dashboard → Coupon Codes (left-side panel) → Create Discount Code. Select the ticket type, discount type, and usage limit for which the code needs to be created.

The ticket type has to be accepting payment online for it to be able to apply the discount code.

There are two types of discounts.

  • Flat discount: A fixed amount that users can deduct from the ticket price. (E.g. $5)
  • Percent Discount: A set percentage of what users can deduct from the ticket price. (E.g. 50% OFF)

This feature is only available to use on the Desktop website, but you can still use your mobile to create a discount code by enabling the Desktop view in your mobile browser. Click here to learn how to enable Desktop view on mobile.

Creating a discount code

Sign in to either using your Facebook or Gmail account. Go to the  My Events menu under Organizer Pages section of your profile drop-down.


Next, find the relevant event and click on the  Dashboard button across the event.

In the left column click on Coupon Codes.

You will see a list of all the discount codes created for that event. To create a new discount code, click on Create Discount Code.

Select whether you wish to create a discount code for all ticket types or just some selected ticket types.

Select the type of discount you wish to offer.

Configure the discount code by specifying Discount Code, Discount Amount, Expiration Date. To finally create the discount code, click on Continue.

If you want that particular discount code to be able to be used only for one transaction, you can do so by ticking the box against One-time use only. E.g. Only one ticket buyer among all will be able to get this discount. Fun fact, you can create a "Bumper Discount" offer with this.😁

Note that once the discount code is created, you won't be able to delete or remove it. So be certain before creating the discount code.😅

Lastly, review the details and click on Confirm & Save.

The discount code was successfully generated! 👍

If you are wondering how ticket buyers will be able to use this discount code, click here.