How to use ticketing integration service for free

Many times, you as an organizer or a collaborator might want to sell tickets from your own website, blogs or Facebook pages.  

At you can easily set up a display of tickets for a particular event that let's the visitor of your website book tickets on your website itself. Also, it's completely free of cost.

How to open the ticketing integration page?

Log in to your account. Go to My Events under Organizer section of your profile drop-down.

Find the relevant event and click on Event across the event to open the Event dashboard.

If you are not the organizer of the relevant event, then you won't find the event listed on this page. However, you can still open the ticket integration page by clicking here.

On the next screen,  Event Dashboard will open and then finally click on Integration.

How to activate Facebook integration?

If you have a Facebook page for the event or a Facebook page for your business, you can activate this integration when your page has at least 2,000 likes.

Once you activate this integration. Visitors to your Facebook page will see a Book Tickets button on the left side panel. When they click on this button, they can book tickets directly for your event on the page itself.

To allow to integrate tickets into your Facebook page, click on Continue with Facebook.

A different window will open. If you aren't already logged in to your Facebook account, log in using your Facebook credentials. Once you successfully log in, you will see a list of all the pages associated with that Facebook account. Select the relevant pages and click on Next.

To finally grant permission, tick mark the option you want and click on Done. 

Now you just need to select the Facebook page on which you wish to integrate the ticket and click on Add tab.

That's it! Your Facebook page is equipped with a Book Tickets button.

How to integrate tickets into a website/blog?

There are two ways you can integrate tickets into your Website/Blog.

  • Integrating the "Book Now" button: This will only show a button saying "Book Now". However, when a visitor clicks on it, they will see a pop-up box where they can book tickets for the event selected.
  • Integrating ticket window: This will show an entire ticket window, right on the page.

How to add a "Book Now" button in website/blog?

Select the Ticket Type that you want the visitor to be able to book.
Click on the HTML Code and copy-paste it to your website code where you want the " Book Now" button to appear.
Click on the Script code and copy-paste it into your website code just before the </body> Tags after the jQuery is included.

How to show tickets window in website/blog?

Click on the HTML Code and copy-paste it into your website code where you want the ticket booking window to appear.

Proper use of this integration will improve User Experiences of your customers/visitors.😊