How to add event admins to manage the event

Once you have created an event and set up the ticketing, you may want to add more people who can help you manage your event. At we refer to such people as admins of the event.

This feature can only be enabled on the Desktop website. You can still use your mobile to do this by switching to "Desktop view" in your web browser. To learn how Click Here

Using Desktop website

Sign in to either using your Facebook account or Gmail account or Email account. Go to Events Ticketing menu under the  Organizer Pages section of your profile drop-down.

On the next page, find the event you want to add more admins to and click on Ticket Sales across the event.

You need to have enabled ticketing for the event to add admins. Here is an article on how to set up ticketing for an event.

On the event's ticketing page, click on  Manage Admins from the left side panel.

If you need to add a new admin click on Add new user and enter the admin email ID that is associated with

Checkmark the accesses you want to grant to that Admin and click on Grant Access.

You will see the admin listed on the list of admins. You can Edit access granted or you can Remove an admin anytime.

Admins can help you manage the event by downloading Organizer App on their smartphone. Click here to install it.