How to claim an event as yours

Sometimes, while you were exploring the internet and you see that your event is being published on AllEvents and you would like to take ownership of that event. Yes, you can do that easily.

There are many benefits of claiming your event on AllEvents.

  • You get to edit your event details.
  • You get easy access to our ticketing solutions, which helps you organize the event better.
  • You reach the largest event-seeker community in the world easily.
  • Create your own fanbase as the event organizer.
  • And many more

This feature can only be enabled on the Desktop website. You can still use your mobile to do this by switching to "Desktop view" in your web browser. Here is how you can do it.

Claim your event

Find the event in AllEvents and click on the event name to open the event page.
Make sure the event is really yours and if it is, click on Organizer? Claim this event to claim it.

You will need to log in with your Facebook account if you had not signed in already. For successful claiming of event, we recommend you to log in using the same facebook account that you used to publish that event.

That's it.👍 First thing you might need to do after a successful claiming of an event is to review the event details and make changes if needed. To learn more on editing an event click here.

If you have your own website and if you wish to display your events from AllEvents there, you can do that easily by using our plugin. To learn more about our plugin, click here.

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