How to refund an attendee

As an organizer it must be sad to see cancellation request from an attendee, we understand how it is. and now the attendee is asking for a refund.😔

Well, whether you refund them or not is completely up to you. We recommend you to adhere to the refund policy that you may have declared in your respective event description.

And in case you decide to refund an attendee, you will need to ask us to activate your access to refund action.

You will need to provide us followings.

  • URL link to the concerned event.
  • Ticket IDs of the attendee.
  • Why you wish to enable refunding.

There are some conditions that need to be met for refund access:

  • Tickets need to be bought online.
  • Ticket price must be non-zero.
  • The organizer must have set the default payment gateway to PayU. (When the currency is INR this is default throughout AllEvents, so no need to worry unless you specifically asked us to use different payment gateway)
  • In case of events that ended, the payout to the organizer should be pending at that time.

Refunding an individual attendee is not possible when the tickets were bought in groups. In this case, the whole group will be refunded.

Refund an attendee


Ask us to activate refund access for you here.

Once you receive notification that we have activated your access, continue the procedure.

If the payment gateway used was PayU and the payment transaction has been confirmed, the access to refund is already available to the event organizer. No need to ask us for access.

Once you have access to refund the attendee, Log In to your AllEvents account and go to Events Ticketing.

Click on Ticket Sales across the concerned event.

Scroll down to Payments section to find the transaction and click on it to view all the transactions.

By clicking on the "Down" arrow under Action column, click on Refund Amount.

Once the refund is successfully initiated, both the organizer and the buyer will be notified of the refund transaction by email from AllEvents.

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