What is the platform fee of AllEvents for events in India?

For events in India accepting INR as currency, we charge 3% of the ticket amount as a platform fee.

However, you do have the flexibility to decide whether you would like to cover the platform fee yourself or opt for your attendees to contribute to it.

While setting up ticketing for your event, navigate to Adjust Platform Fees and adjust the slider according to your preference.

0% from Organizer:

We will collect 3% of the ticket amount from the attendees, and you won’t bear the charges.

1.5% from Organizer & 1.5% from Attendees

Both you and your attendee will bear half the amount of the 3% each.

3% from Organizer

We will deduct 3% of the ticket amount from your revenue, and your attendees will pay just the ticket amount.

Note: There will be an additional charge of  INR 10 from ticket buyers as a convenience fee.

Should you require additional assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support@allevents.in.

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