How to create an event

At AllEvents you can publish any event for FREE!😁

To get your event listed on the world's largest event discovery platform, follow the steps below.

Using Desktop website

To get your event listed on the world's largest event discovery platform,

Visit AllEvents. To create an event, click on For Organizers, and then click on Create Event.

A form will be shown where you can enter basic details of your events. To skip reading on how to fill the form, click here. Fill the form and click on Continue.

  1. Event Name: Enter your event name. Remember to keep it Crisp, Clear and Catchy.
  2. Start Time: Enter the starting time of your event. By default, Allevents specify the event End Time after 24 hours of the Start Time. If you wish to specify the event's End Time, click on Add End Time.
  3. Location Name: Start typing the name of your venue and select it from the suggestions. If your Location doesn't appear in suggestions, you can enter it manually by typing the venue name and pressing enter key.

    To get your event published, make sure to select the city from the suggestions.

  4. Event Description: Write down your Events description. You can let your creativity take over here.😃 Remember that it is required to have an event description of at least 50 characters.

    An Ideal Event Description has an answer to the following points.
    1. What is the event about/ who is it for?
    2. Unique highlights/ Artists-Lineup/ Attractions etc.
    3. Agenda/ Itinery/ Timeline etc.
    4. Rules/ FAQs/ T&C/ Refund policy etc.
    5. Facilities/ Parking/ Wheelchair access etc
To save your event details and your organizer profile on our server, you will need to create AllEvents account by either logging in with Facebook account or Gmail account.

If you use Facebook for publishing your events, we recommend you to login using your Facebook page credentials.

Fill the additional details in the form, add the thumbnail and the banner for the event. If skip reading on detailed instruction about filling this for click here.

  1. Event Banner: Click on the shown button to add event thumbnail and the event banner that you have designed.

    Adding event thumbnail is required.

  2. Event Category: Selecting the appropriate event category will help your event reach the right audience.

  3. Event Video: Adding a video related to your event or past event increases credibility. Just need to paste the Youtube URL of the video.
  4. Ticketing / Registration: If you wish to enable ticketing or registration for this event, click on Add Ticket Types to set up ticketing. More detail on this is available here.
  5. Website Link: Just as providing the video link, providing website will also increase the credibility of the event.
  6. Create from: This field is used to specify under what organizer page will the event get listed. If you have already set up the event page in facebook and you want it to be linked in AllEvents please click on use your facebook page.
  7. Listing Type: Select whether you want the event to be Public or Private.

When you are done, click on the  Publish Event button.

Voila! Your event is published and live!👍
For the better management of your events, AllEvents has developed an Android/iOS app specifically designed for event organizers. To start managing your event in a revolutionary way, click here.

If you have set the event as Private, be sure to share event page among the relevant audience.

Using Mobile App

Launch your AllEvents Organizer app. Slide from left to open the menu and Tap on Create Event menu.

You will be shown a screen where you can enter the basic details of your event. Fill the form and tap on Create Event to save the event as a draft.

In the next screen, enter the additional details and to finalize the publishing of the event Tap on Publish Event.

Voila! Your event is published and live!👍

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