How to create an event

You can publish all your events for free on

Using Desktop website

Visit To create an event, click on Create Event.

A form will be shown where you can enter basic details of your events. Fill the form and click on Continue.

Once you click on the Continue button, it will ask you to Quick  Sign in to the platform. Please sign in using your Facebook or Google account or any other E mail account.

If you have already published your events on Facebook, we recommend you to Sign in using your Facebook account.

Once you have signed in to the platform, you will see a Detailed Event Form where you can enter additional information about your Events.

  1. Event Banner: Click on the shown button to add event thumbnail and the event banner that you have designed.

    Event thumbnail is required.

  2. Event Category: Selecting the appropriate event category will help your event reach the right audience.

  3. Ticketing / Registration: Select whether you want the Free entry or Paid entry. More detail on this is available here.
  4. Create from: If you have already set up the event page on Facebook and you want it to be linked in please click on use your Facebook page.
  5. Listing Type: Select whether you want the event to be Public or Private
  6. Choose when to notify your subscribers: Select when you want to notify the timing Now or you want to Schedule the Timing.

    If you are creating public event, then only you will get the option to choose when you want to Schedule your Event Notification Time. i.e. At what time you want your subscriber to get Notification. 

When you are done, click on the  Publish Event button.

Your event is published and live!👍 has developed an Android/iOS app specifically designed for event organizers. To start managing your event, click here.

If you have set the event as Private, be sure to share event page among the relevant audience.

Using Mobile App

Launch your Organizer app. Slide from left and Tap on Create Event.

You will be shown a screen where you can enter the basic details of your event. Fill the form and tap on Create Event.

In the next screen, enter the additional details and to finalize the publishing of the event Tap on Publish Event.

Your event is published and live!👍