How to create an event on AllEvents?

Visit AllEvents and click on Create Event → Fill in the Basic Details, Location, More Details, add Event Images, Ticketing and Payment Details, and Publishing Details Publish Event

Using Desktop Website

  1. Login to AllEvents and click on Create Event.

  1. A form will be shown where you can enter basic details of your events. Fill out the form and click on Continue.

  • Event Name: We suggest keeping your event title within the range of 50-70 characters to ensure optimal display on a variety of devices and platforms.
  • Event Type: If your event is a one-time occurrence, kindly opt for "Single Event" option. For an event scheduled on specific dates repeatedly, please choose the "Recurring Event" option.
  • Event Description: We suggest a description length of 500-700 words to ensure you share important details while keeping the interest of potential attendees. You can also use our Generate using AI feature to help you formulate your event description just with the help of a few prompts.
  • Event Category: We suggest you select the most relevant category your event falls into. People with an interest in your set categories will receive your event as a recommendation.
  • Event Images: There are two event images that we suggest you update with the right parameters to ensure they display correctly without slowing the user's experience:
    1. Event Thumbnail - A 600 pixels x 600 pixels image with less than 15MB file size.
    2. Event Banner - A 1200 pixels x 600 pixels image with less than 20MB file size.
  • Tickets: You can create different ticket types for your events, such as VIP, general admission, or student pricing. These options can attract a wider variety of attendees and potentially increase your revenue.
  • Refund Policy: When you attach an online payment gateway, you must mention your refund and cancellation policy to avoid future misunderstandings or disputes between you and your attendees.
  • Listing Type: For events that you want to be visible on listings and search engine results, please opt for "Public" option. If you want your event to only be visible to a limited group of people who have access to your event link, please choose the "Private" option.
  • Notify your subscribers: Here is how you can use this feature:
    1. You can choose to notify your subscribers about each event you create within minutes of publishing it live, using the "Now" option.
    2. You also have an option to send your event notification to your subscribers at a specific time using the "Schedule" option.
    3. If you don't want to notify anybody, you can choose the "Don't Notify" option.

  1. Once you are done, click on Publish Event.

Your event is published and live!

If you have set the event as Private, be sure to share your event page among the relevant audience.

Using Mobile App

  1. Open your AllEvents Event Manager app. Navigate to the menu on the top left corner and tap on Create Event.

  1. A form will be shown where you can enter the basic details of your event. Fill out the form and tap on Create Event.

  1. On the next screen, enter the additional details, and to finalize the publishing of the event tap on Publish Event.

Your event is published and live!

Should you require additional assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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