How to customize ticket registration form?

Customize Registration Form

Go to the profile dropdown on the top right of the website → My EventsEvent Dashboard Registrations Issue Tickets Dropdown Customize Form

  1. Go to the profile dropdown on the top right of the website and open the My Events page.

  1. Make sure you choose the right Organizer Page, find the relevant event, and click on Dashboard.

  1. Click on Registrations on the left menu table under Manage Event

  1. Now, click on the Issue Tickets dropdown menu on the right and select Customize Form.

  1. On the next page, select the ticket type for which you wish to customize the registration form.

Once the ticket type is selected, you will see a Form Builder screen.

  • Add Field: There are a total of 9 types of fields that you can add to your form and customize to your liking.

    1. Singleline Text: To create a single-line field where the buyer can enter their response. For example, if you want to know the buyer's current city, this might be the most appropriate field to use.
    2. Multiline Text: To create a field where the buyer can enter multiple texts such as a full address, the reason for attending the workshop, their expectations from the event, etc.
    3. Dropdown List: To create a dropdown list of pre-generated answers from which the buyer can only select one. For example, food preference, country, level of education, etc. 
    4. Radio Options: To create a field where the buyer can select only one of the options available. For example, gender, age range, etc.
    5. Check Box: To allow the buyer to check or uncheck a response. For example, you can ask whether they need parking space or wheelchair assistance, etc.
    6. Multiple Check Box: To group a list of options under the same label for attendees to choose from. For example, you can group Margherita, Pepperoni, and Hawaiian under the label named Pizza.
    7. Image Upload: Sometimes you may want to collect a passport-size photo for on-site verification, or during a workshop event, you might want the buyer to showcase their projects. You can use this field in such cases.
    8. File Upload: In some events, you may need to verify your attendees' identity using a government document. For example, a driver's license or an identification card.
    9. Display Note: To display a message to the buyer. For example, actual reporting time on the venue, whether they should bring anything with them, etc.
  • Copy fields from other Ticket type: This enables you to easily replicate the fields from your custom registration form to all other ticket types, eliminating the need to create separate forms for each.
  • Preview: This shows a mini-preview of the generated form so that you can easily visualize and make changes accordingly.
  • View on Booking Page: This will show you the form exactly how the ticket buyer will see it.

  1. After selecting the appropriate field to add to the form, configure the field as per your requirement. Be sure to take a look at the Preview to see the effects.

    You can choose to keep a field mandatory or show options in one line as well.

    Once you have configured it properly, click on Save to continue adding more fields as per your requirement.

You can edit the configuration of the field and remove it anytime.

  1. Once you have added all the fields you can rearrange them in the appropriate order.

    If the need arises, you can also edit the configuration of each field.

  1. Give a final check on the form by looking at it the way your buyers are going to see it. You can do this by clicking on View on Booking Page.

Note: You can create a different registration form for each ticket type you have created.

To view the custom form data:

Go to the profile dropdown on the top right of the website → My EventsEvent DashboardRegistrationsTicketsShow Custom Form Data

  1. Navigate to the Registrations tab and click on Tickets.

You will be shown a list of all your ticket buyers with their basic information.

  1. To view custom data, switch the Show Custom Data Form toggle on.

    You will now be shown all the data of your ticket buyers.

Tip: It is never a good idea to ask for unnecessary information, especially when people have yet to buy tickets.

Should you require additional assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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