How to customize ticket registration form

When a ticket is bought, buyers are asked to fill in three details by default.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile number

To organize and manage event better, many times organizers need more information from the attendee such as t-shirt size, native city, education, gender, age, food preference, etc. 

We realized this necessity and gave the organizer a way to collect this data by providing customization of ticket form. 

You can create a new ticket for this or you can edit the form of already created ticket.

To know more about creating a ticket type, click here.

The procedure for creating custom form in Desktop website and AllEvents organizer app only differ in the beginning, the rest of the procedure is the same.

Using Desktop website

Login to your AllEvents account and go to Events Ticketing menu under Organizer Pages section under profile drop-down.

Find the event you wish to enable ticketing for or to add new ticket type. And click on Ticket Sales.

In the Ticketing dashboard of event, click on More Actions and then to add a new ticket type click on Customize Registration Form.

Using Mobile App

Launch the AllEvents Organizer app. Find the relevant event from the list of all your events and tap on Edit under that event.

Scroll down to the end of the page and tap on Manage Ticketing.

In the next screen, you will have the option to create custom ticketing form. Click on Click here.

From here onward the procedure is the same in both Desktop website and AllEvents organizer app.

Creating custom ticketing form

In the next page select the ticket type for which you wish to customize the registration form.

Once a ticket type is selected. you will see a Form Builder screen.

  • Add field: To add a new field in the form, There are total 8 types of field you can add.
  • Preview: This will show a mini preview of the generated so that you can easily visualize and create your form accordingly.
  • View on booking page: By clicking on this you will be able to see the form just as how the ticket buyer will see.
To add a new field in the form, click on Add field. Select one of the 8 types that you want to add in the form.

  • Singleline Text: To make a single line field where the buyer can enter their response. For example, If you want to know the buyer's current city, this might be the most appropriate field to use.
  • Multiline Text: To make a field where the buyer can enter multiline text such as a full address, the reason for attending the workshop, their expectations from the event, etc.
  • Dropdown List: To create a list of pre-generated answers from which the buyer can only select one. For example, Age range, Food preference, Country, level of education, etc. 
  • Radio Options: To create a field where the buyer can select only one of the options available. For example gender, Age range, etc.
  • Check Box: To allow the buyer to check or uncheck a response. For example, you can ask whether they need parking space or wheelchair assistance, etc.
  • Multiple Check Box: To group list of options under the same label. For example, you can group Margherita, Pepperoni, Hawaiian under the label of Pizza.😋
  • Image Upload: Sometimes you may want to collect their passport size photo for onsite verification, or in workshop event, you might want the buyer to showcase their projects. You can use this field in such cases.
  • Display Note: To display some message to the buyer. for example, actual reporting time on the venue, whether they should bring anything with them, etc.

The sky is the limit.😎
Above mentioned examples are just to jumpstart your awesome imagination. You should think about your audience, your event, your venue, time of the event, and all other factors and create a custom form that can help you and also your attendees. Get your game face on!👍

After selecting the appropriate field to add in the form, configure the field as per your requirement and be sure to take a look at the preview to see the effects. Once you have configured it properly, click on Save
And continue adding more field as per your requirement.

You can edit the configuration of a field or remove it anytime.👍

Once you have added all field you can rearrange them in the appropriate order. If the need arises, you can also edit the configuration of each field.

Give a final check on the form by looking at it in booking page. You can do this by clicking on View on Booking Page.

Congratulations! you have created a custom ticket form, that will surely help you manage your event better.👍😁

Please note, that you can create different registration for each ticket type you have created. You should take full advantage of this feature by creating your ticket types and custom form with keeping each other in mind.😁

But wait, also remember that, it is never a good idea to ask for unnecessary information, especially when they have yet to buy tickets. 😅