How to link a bank account and a billing profile to event

When you are collecting payment online and the currency is Indian National Rupee (INR), you will need to specify bank account and billing details to receive payment collected for each event.

Once your event is ended, AllEvent will initiate the payout and you will receive that amount in the bank account you selected.
In this article, it is assumed that you already have added a bank account detail and a billing profile.
In case you want to know how to add a bank account, click here.

In case you want to know how to add billing details, click here.

This feature can only be enabled on the Desktop website. You can still use your mobile to do this by switching to "Desktop view" in your web browser. Here is how you can do it.

Linking an event to a bank account

Sign in to AllEvents either using your Facebook or Gmail account. Go to Payout Settings menu under Organizer Pages section in your profile drop-down.

In the next page, on Payout Settings tab, you will see a list of all your events and details of linked bank accounts and billing profile.

Find the event you wish to add a bank account to and click on Click to Select Bank Account against it.

In the popup box, select the bank account and a billing profile and then click on Save.

That's it. The bank account is linked and you will receive ticket payments there once the event ends

You can change the bank account linked, if the need arises, by clicking on Edit.

It is highly recommended that you link the events to their respective bank account before the end time of the event, to ensure a smooth transaction in receiving your payout.