How to send email invites for your event using email credits

Once you publish an event, you will need to share the event page among your friends, guests, colleagues, etc.

There are lots of ways to share the event page. i.e Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Email, etc.

One of the best ways we recommend is, to use the 200 Email Credits we provide with every published event. When you use this email credits with us, we send a specially designed invitation to your contacts using email.

1 email credit = 1 email. There are two ways to use Email Credits.

This feature is only available on the Desktop website. You can still use this in your smartphone by switching to "Desktop view" in your browser. Click here to learn how.

Open the event page

To open the event page, if you have the event page URL copied, then you just need to paste it in your browser's address bar. Once you open the event page you may need to log in to your AllEvents account.
If you already know how to open the event page, click here to skip to the next step.

In case you haven't kept a record of the URL address of your event somehow, no worries.
You can easily open a list of all your events by following the below procedure.

Login to AllEvents and go to My Events under Organizer pages section from your profile drop-down.

In the next screen, you will see all your events listed. To open an event page, find the relevant event and click on the event name.

The event page will open in a new tab/window.

Send Invite menu in the event page

In the event page, if you are the organizer of the event, then you will see Manage Event row.
To send email invites using email credits for the event, click on Send Invites.

In the dialog box, you will see various options to share your event with your target audiences.
To see the preview of the specially designed email which will be sent to your email contacts, click on Preview.

To approve the preview of the email, click on Next.

In the next step, you will see all your email list you have created. To create a new list click on Create new list.
If you already have a relevant list created click here to skip to next step.
Enter the list name. (i.e. friends, colleagues, family, etc) and click on Create.

Using CSV method

In the next screen, to upload CSV file open Import Emails From CSV and click on Choose File. Once you have uploaded the file finalize the import by clicking on Import Emails.

Do note that, to properly import all the email address, your CSV file should be formatted like this sample CSV file. Click here to download the sample file.

Using Gmail

In the next screen, to import from Gmail, under the menu Import Emails From Gmail click on Import from Gmail.

You will be asked to login into the Gmail account. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to allow us to import your Gmail contact. Click on Allow.

If the emails are imported successfully you will see all the emails listed in the next screen. If there is nothing to change in this list, click on < at the top-left corner to save the list.
To configure this list of emails further, there are two buttons provided. i.e.
  • Add Contact: To add more email addresses to the current list from another CSV file or another Gmail contacts import.
  • Delete List: To delete the entire list.

At this point, the relevant list should be displayed in your pop-up box. Select the list and click on Proceed.

Finally, approve the sending of email invites by clicking on OK.

Now you can rest easy!😊👏 AllEvents will send the specially designed email invitation to each email address you listed.

It would be extremely convenient in future if you organize your email in the appropriate category.

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