How to share your event page

“The best things to do with the best things in life is to give them away.”

- Dorothy Day

As Dorothy said, you might want to share your events among your friends, colleague, family, fellow "kindred spirit", etc.😄
AllEvents is mainly a community of Event-seeker, and we made the sharing of events as easy as pie. 

Using Desktop website

Log in to AllEvents either using your Facebook or Gmail account.
To find all your events, go to My Events menu under Organizer Pages section in your profile drop-down.

Find the event you wish to share and click on Share button under that event.

  1. Email: To use the email credits provided by AllEvents and send specially designed invitation mail. If you are wondering what are these Email credits, click here to learn more. 
  2. Messenger: Send a message about your event to your contact in Facebook messenger.
  3. Facebook: Post your event on your facebook profile.
  4. Google+: Share it with google groups.
  5. More: If you wish to share it using some other platforms. There are lots of those, you know?😁
If you clicked on More You will see a popup box as shown below. Lots of social media and sharing services are listed here. Click on the relevant platform, login and share the event.

Yep! You successfully shared the event. Glad to see the #StayHappening spirit in you.😊

Using Mobile App

Launch the AllEvents Organizer app.
Find the event you wish to share from the list of all your events and tap on the share icon at the top-right corner.

  1. Copy Link: To get the URL link to the event. You can share this link using any method available for you. (i.e. Text message, in an email, etc)
  2. More: To use available native apps in your mobile device for sharing such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

Yep! You successfully shared the event. Glad to see the #StayHappening spirit in you.😊

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