Which currencies are supported for online payments?

With AllEvents, you can collect online payments in various currencies for your event.

Currencies supported with PayPal & Stripe

Here is a list of currencies supported by PayPal and Stripe:  

1. AUD

2. BRL

3. CAD

4. CZK

5. DKK

6. EUR

7. HKD

8. HUF

9. ILS

10. JPY

11. MYR

12. MXN

13. NOK

14. NZD

15. PHP

16. PLN

17. GBP

18. SGD

19. SEK

20. CHF

21. TWD

22. THB

23. TRY

24. USD

25. XPF

To learn more on how to add Stripe payments, click here

To learn more on how to add PayPal payments, click here.

Currencies supported with AllEvents Payment System:

Here is a list of currencies supported by AllEvents Payment System:

1. INR

If your currency is not listed here, please write to us. You can also choose to activate ticketing without online payments where people can still book the tickets and pay you at the venue.

Or you can collect the payments via other local methods and mark the tickets as paid. To learn how, click here.

Should you require additional assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support@allevents.in.

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