How to collect payout for an event using PayPal

If your event is accepting a Non-INR currency, you can collect the sold ticket amount in your PayPal account or a Stripe account.

This article will explain how you can use your PayPal account to collect the payout of the event. 

To learn how to set up your Stripe account for collecting payout instead of PayPal, click here.

Activate the PayPal link to the event

While you are creating a ticket type, in Accept Payment Online section, click on Connect with PayPal.

Fill PayPal account detail

Once you activate the link, you will need to provide details for your PayPal account.
You can use your existing PayPal account or you can also create a new PayPal account.

Use an existing PayPal account

If you have your PayPal account ready, Fill in the details shown in the form i.e First Name, Last name, Email.

Once you have filled the details click on Save to finalize the link to your PayPal account.

Create a new PayPal account

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one for free.
You just need to click on Create PayPal account. You will be redirected to a new page where you can sign up for a free PayPal account.

Once you have created an account, fill in the details shown in the form i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email.
Click on Save to finalize the link to the new PayPal account.

Currencies Accepted In PayPal

Here's a list of currency that is accepted in Paypal:
1. AUD
2. BRL
3. CAD
4. CZK
5. DKK
6. EUR
7. HKD
8. HUF
9. ILS
10. JPY
11. MYR
12. MXN
13. NOK
14. NZD
15. PHP
16. PLN
17. GBP
18. SGD
19. SEK
20. CHF
21. TWD
22. THB
23. TRY
24. USD