When/how will I receive the sold ticket amount?

When and how you receive the sold ticket amount depends on your location.

  • Global Organizer
    If you have enabled the option to accept payments through AllEvents and connected your PayPal or Stripe account with the ticketing tab successfully, You will receive the ticket amount directly in your PayPal or Stripe account tied up to the ticketing portal.
  • Indian Organizer
    In case, you are an Indian organizer and you have added your bank account details and a billing profile to your event, the ticket amount will be sent to your bank account via NEFT within 2 to 5 business days after the event date.
    Please note that for successfully collecting your payout of an event both the bank account details and a billing profile is needed.

    To learn how to add a bank account details to your event, click here.
    To learn how to add a billing profile, click here.

Is it possible to receive the money before the event ends?

We do the partial transfer for events on a case by case basis. To put in a request, you can send an email to support@allevents.in along with a reason for pre-event payout and a link to your event page.

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